Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Building tips: minifig bed.

This is just something quick i'm throwing together to present an awesome way to create a realistic minifig scale Lego bed. A while ago i set out on a two minute mission to design a perfect bed. actually turned out great!  and now i'm sitting here posting about it : )

okay, for starts...

this is the frame, evidently it ended up simple.

here's a breakdown photo.
basically two fence railing elements create the base.

And the cool part is, i even used black minifig legs to style the headboard.

Then, all you got left to do is to make a mattress. this was pretty easy.
just take a small piece of foam, wrap it with tape, and tape a cloth over the top as a 
mattress cover. 

so there, simple Lego bed for ya. comment below and tell me if you use it in any models
and how. 

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  1. could you make a bigger bed design cause I have lots of minifigs and need a bigger bed for better storage