Sunday, September 29, 2013

The five basic tips every house builder should know.

Recently, lego creator saw the release of the new Family House. I personally have had a chance to mess around with this set and I find it disappointing. Although it may "look cool" it has a low piece count (756p.) and price per piece is high averaging at 9 cents a piece. This includes all the minifig elements and accessories. so i do not fancy this decline in value of lego sets.

Now I could go on and on about how awful a set this is, including the fact that the garage opens directly into the living room where a kitchen should exist, but I have a different point to make.

The standard for lego houses could be so much better. Take the modular buildings for example.
The 10218-1: Pet Shop has neat techniques and lots of space for it's size. If you haven't seen this model displayed before, it's HUGE! So, why aren't Lego houses this good?

The two reasons I figure are: