Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lord of the Rings Video Game update

For starters I am sorry I couldn't produce a review in time but that's just it; this game has sooooooo many features, unlockables, characters, and places that to create a proper review it took longer than one day! So, let's start with the fun stuff! First, the gameplay part of the review. Well, if there is anyone that was nervous about how it would turn out, this is the review for YOU. The overall gameplay is fun and I think that this really is "One Lego game to rule them all" to quote Lego. The graphics are superior to previous Lego games.  T&T Games really did a great job lip-syncing the mouths to the dialogue. That brings me to my next point, there is real dialogue from the movies! I know that Lego tested those waters with Lego DC Super Heroes 2 but I personally like The Lord Of The Rings dialogue better. Great job Lego. As we saw in Pirates Of The Caribbean, it includes an open-world style of play which means you can explore Middle-Earth freely. And there are quests that can be found while exploring. There is also a new option where you can find Mithril bricks and forge items like bows and swords at the Blacksmith's shop, which can be found at Bree. I score overall gameplay 9 out of 10. Which is great for a Lego game. Another feature that is returning and we all love it CHARACTER CUSTOMIZER! This by far is one of the most loved features in the Lego games! You can unlock it after you beat the game. In conclusion, I truly think this IS the best Lego game of all time. Posted by Dr Lego Mc Brick.

Posted by Dr Lego Mc Brick

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Lego Lord of the Rings video game heads up


 Dr Lego Mc Brick here with the latest on the Lego The Lord Of The Rings video game! First of all, who doesn't like Lego video games? I mean, they are so much fun. I love how Lego puts their own fun twist into their games. The Lego Star Wars series is a great example. It was and still is one of the most popular Lego video games around! But I personally think that Lego The Lord Of The Rings will become one of the most popular Lego games. The game rocked it at E3 (which is a game expo) getting great reactions from die-hard LOTR fans. I've been looking at reviews a plenty and it looks like Lego and Traveler's Tales Games might have done it again! I sincerely hope that it stays true to the LOTR story line and becomes a Lego fan favorite for years to come. 

This game is full of promise. 

Submitted by DR Lego Mc Brick 
assistant director 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

How to build a Lego 4 wheeler for minifigures

It is super simple to build a 4 wheeler for lego minifigures that you really don't need much help. But here is a guide to build a lego offroad vehicle that I built in less than 10 minutes.





As you can see it is really simple and takes only a few seconds to build the base. But the body does not have to follow this one single design, there are many possible ways to customize you 4 wheeler. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Evo 4.0 mod

How to modify your Evo 4.0 for cooler overall design:

 Here is what a modified evo looks like.

Evo is unique right out of the package because of his tank arm weapon and sweet steal boots.

But even though he doesn't need any changing it is more fun to add a chain to his gun to give it a cool machine-gun effect. This is a very simple mod and requires few extra pieces except for the chain. The best way to get extra chain link is to order some from ebay or lego.com's pick-a-brick page.

I find it more likable to myself if his arms are switched around making his left arm hold the gun. But it is entirely up to you as the mod works either way.

Now it is optional to add a connection on his back for the chain. But in adding this you can run the chain form the gun to his mid-back. I personally like it better this way.

Now you need a chain. 8 links is good if you are not stringing it to the back but you need 12-14 in order for it to reach his back with enough slack for him to bend his arm freely.

Now it is time to fix the gun to compat with the chain.
The original gun is built using an upper plasma shell, a lower launcher shell, two 2m crossbeams and a socket grapling. You will not need the two 2m crossbeams so discard those. You will need a multi-directional technic beam, a double pin and a 4m crossbeam.


Now to assemble the gun follow the images. The crossbeam holds everything together. The double pin and multi-directional beam connect to the chain to keep it attached. The only difference between a moded gun and an original is that the modified gun rest on a bit lower field level. But this can't really be noticed by the completion. 


Once you have assembled the lower part of the gun, attach it to the tank arm. Then connect the chain as shown.

After that, replace the upper plasma shell for the gun where it belongs.
The chain should dangle on the outside of the launcher as shown.

Since there is a drop in the level of tank armor and the level of the gun I added a grapling hook or "spear" element to the top. 

Now if you have noticed the hero cuffs that are included in each breakout Hero set are too long. I shorten them to only one chain link to make sizing more accurate.
(you can use the extra chain links in the chain connected to the gun)

And now, finally, your modified Evo 4.0 is ready to be deployed into the battlefield.