Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hero Factory review

I haven't had a good chance to get much of the new Hero Factory sets yet. Except I finally got 1.

Recent Horo Factory in comparison to first season.

Hero factory has done a good job of keeping prices moderate. But the build is different than bionicle. Indeed it is difficult to enhance the models due to their design. The storyline is okay but the tv shows have poor voiceovers. It's fun to remove a Hero from its package for the first time and try to build it with no instructions. However, playability is limited to the amount of hero factory you own.

The neat thing about HF is that each hero has custom parts.

the pros:
Fun to play with

great for road trips

fun to collect

price is good

make good birthday gifts

The hand cuffs should be limited to one chain link
(you can just put them together this way)

some only have one hand element

don't include utility belts


I did notice the lack of pieces on the set (Stringer 4.0) i got.

so i did a little work and gave him a sniper rifle to replace his "guitar gun" and a utility belt!

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