Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lord of the Rings Video Game update

For starters I am sorry I couldn't produce a review in time but that's just it; this game has sooooooo many features, unlockables, characters, and places that to create a proper review it took longer than one day! So, let's start with the fun stuff! First, the gameplay part of the review. Well, if there is anyone that was nervous about how it would turn out, this is the review for YOU. The overall gameplay is fun and I think that this really is "One Lego game to rule them all" to quote Lego. The graphics are superior to previous Lego games.  T&T Games really did a great job lip-syncing the mouths to the dialogue. That brings me to my next point, there is real dialogue from the movies! I know that Lego tested those waters with Lego DC Super Heroes 2 but I personally like The Lord Of The Rings dialogue better. Great job Lego. As we saw in Pirates Of The Caribbean, it includes an open-world style of play which means you can explore Middle-Earth freely. And there are quests that can be found while exploring. There is also a new option where you can find Mithril bricks and forge items like bows and swords at the Blacksmith's shop, which can be found at Bree. I score overall gameplay 9 out of 10. Which is great for a Lego game. Another feature that is returning and we all love it CHARACTER CUSTOMIZER! This by far is one of the most loved features in the Lego games! You can unlock it after you beat the game. In conclusion, I truly think this IS the best Lego game of all time. Posted by Dr Lego Mc Brick.

Posted by Dr Lego Mc Brick

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